Using iPods and iPads

There are many interesting ways that you can use iPads and iPods in the ESL classroom.

They can be used to show realia and make a lesson interesting to the students.

Grades 2 to 3

For a lesson about whales, images of whales humpback and beluga were shown on a PowerPoint while the iPod played the sounds that the particular whale makes.

Listening skills can be developed using iPods.

Grades 9 to 10

In a lesson about food and restaurants, the high school class reviewed vocabulary, listen to a conversation in a restaurant from the iPod and completed a cloze exercise from vocabulary in a word bank.

The conversation podcast for ESL classes was downloaded from this site:

and the accompanying written dialog was made into a worksheet. As alternative you can also create a worksheet with pictures or fill in the blank with two choices for entering and low beginners.